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12 August, 2017 23:59:15

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I thought it was a goal of Kaalus's not to be like Minecraft. If this is the case, why did he add pumpkins? It's such an obvious MC stereotype- everyone knows pumpkins were like the first not-meat food added to Minecraft. I get it that he wants a versatile ground crop that can be eaten raw, but why call them pumpkins? There are a gazillion other squashes (not to mention some vegetables) he could have chosen from, and most of them can still be turned into Jack-o-Lanterns. Granted they aren't what most people call Jack-o-Lanterns today, but those things (which have no practical use in the game to start with) were originally made out of turnips. Why not just change the name "pumpkin" and tweak the animation to make it a crop that critics can't call "Minecraft copy"? 

Honestly, its so simple I can't figure out why pumpkins were called pumpkins in the first place. Gourds look way cooler anyway. 
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Colin Hexr

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13 August, 2017 02:38:43

Everyone's gonna call SC an MC copy on a billion different aspects anyway. It doesn't matter.

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13 August, 2017 13:57:26

...and Jack-O'lanterns do have a practical use. I use them as signposts in caves. Since they can be placed to face any direction, simply set them so they always look towards the way out. It's like a lighted exit sign with an arrow on it!

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17 August, 2017 01:45:28

I immediately express my concern for this...maybe it's because I am a new individual but I think the current pumpkins are just fine.

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