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28 July, 2017 05:11:34

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I've been studying celtic mythology lately, so I decided to give it a go on a survivalcraft map. It's very short and very sloppy, but I feel like the ending will be pretty interesting to see you're reactions. The story is that you're a hiker that just wants to get away for a bit. After a couple hours of trekking through the moors and forests of Wales, you come across several megaliths. Since you've always wanted to be famous, you follow the stones to a tomb. Enter if you dare. Do not complain that it is short and sloppy, I've already stated that. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it, here is the link:

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Colin Hexr

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28 July, 2017 06:49:39

Sounds interesting, might check it out.

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28 July, 2017 19:00:45

I just hate when people don't post pictures and they just put their world link out there. Not to be rude and not to target you colby, but I think if you'd like more attention please put some pictures up. I'm just trying to be nice here, okay? Thanks dude.

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