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23 July, 2017 21:39:37

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Hello survivors!

Have you ever experienced hangover? I haven't, but anyway... If so, you know that feeling, when your head is going to explode, you're maybe 30 miles away from the place where you've seen yourself the last time and you have  everything in your pockets but not your wallet and phone. The same is in Survivalcraft! (but not with a headache, probably) You'll find out soon, that you don't understand...what the !%@% happened last night and how...

I've made new survival map, first one added on this forum. It's a big rock with a flat on it, a little bit looks like lithospheric plates, but these types of rocks actually exist. If you are a real survivor, you'll get by resources, you got on this rock, above it or in it...but not in the neighborhood. ;) The only task is to stay alive and maybe modify the rock to perfectness and full utilization. Because I had to test this map, I will post screens of my progress, funny moments and some hints how not to starve to death and survive. (HERE: ) ;) Below are some screens of this little quite quickly-made map. Enjoy playing. ;)

FoxCZ, the only creator of this map

(made in Survivalcraft 1, version


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24 July, 2017 06:19:31

okay... cool?

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