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15 July, 2017 16:11:52

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Customizable Forniture is a groundbreaking feature that is completely revolutionizing the game. Its potential is immense, and it brings so much beauty. But still there is some good thinking that should be spent to make this feature perfect.

In creative mode it works beautifully, giving an inconcievable amount of freedom to creators. Nothing to say.
In survival mode, something is not right yet. Building a full scale of your model in your survival world, with trees in your way and wolves looking at you suspiciously seems unrealistic and feels kind of wrong. For this reason here is a mechanic that will make furniture a perfect addition to survival mode, as well:


That's right. But what do I mean by that?
It's very simple. You can access Imagination from your character GUI, and what it does is it opens a separate little world in creative mode. The world may look like a small floating square of dirt, where you can fly and build whatever you want and resets once you leave it.
Here you can build your furniture and save it as a project! Then you go back to the real world, open your hammer GUI, select the project, add the required materials, and tadaa! Your materials will be consumed and in exchange you will have your piece of forniture!!
This mechanic would make furniture blend perfectly with the survival mode!

I am really excited about this idea, I hope it will happen.

Cheers people!
And remember: Your Imagination is the limit ;)

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15 July, 2017 16:21:00

Here is a further examination of some details:

1. How does the world of Imagination look like?
As mentioned, a flat floating square of dirt could be an option, but it could get more fancy than that. The world could have a purplish filter, like in a dream, and who knows what else!
2. What would you be able to do in the world of Imagination?
Everything you could do in creative mode. You would have access to all blocks, all items, all electrics and all tools, including the hammer, with which you could save your projects. Only you can bring nothing with you back in the real world and it all resets once you leave it.
3. What happens to your character while you are imagining? Would the game be paused like when you open the recipedia? Or would the game keep going, so that you have to be careful and imagine while you are safe, warm, and with a moderately full stomach? I find the second option more suiting for a survival game.
4. New Hammer GUI: As I mentioned, for the implementation of this idea the hammer would require an extra openable GUI in survival mode. Through this window you could access your projects. Every project would show the required materials for its construction, based on the materials you used to build it. To craft the project, you would have to drag the required materials on the hammer in order to construct the desired forniture.

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15 July, 2017 18:57:45

I like this idea, if only for the fact that you need to clean up your mess in both modes after creating the furniture you want.

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15 July, 2017 22:06:05

I'm glad you like it. Actually, in the Imagination world you wouldn't have to! As said above, the world would reset as you leave. This means you could build your project and leave the world as it is without dismantling it, since the world would reset and you would find a new, empty world the next time you reenter it. That's the cool thing about it.

In other words, the Imagination world is simply a little world in creative mode you can access from the survival mode. Here you can do many things: you can test your creations before actually buiding them or, most importantly, you can build your full size furniture and save it as a project. With a modification of the hammer mechanic, as described above, once reentered in the real world you could access the project you created in your "Imagination"  from the hammer GUI, without having to build anything in the real world! And here lies the true innovation.

Once you exit the Imagination world, your constructions won't be saved. Everything will be deleted and you will find a new, empty world the next time you enter it.
So no cleaning up in neither worlds!

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17 July, 2017 03:49:42

what an original ans strange idea. I salute you for coming up with jt

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