14 July, 2017 10:00:54

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Alrigjt, it's getting annoying now. Previously, it was just a mild annoyance that despite being in creative mode, you get set on fire, and you also get annoying messages telling you that you are wet. Now the next issue is that Kaalus made you walk slow when barefoot, which is really annoying in creative mode especially when you download a map and you're naked and you don't have anything on your feet.

I'm mostly typing this because I have went through 3 maps wondering why my character was so sluggish before realising the issue was that my character was barefoot.

kaalus: Please wake up your idea and FIX it. I have tested and even with adventure mechanics disabled it still happens. I can't imagine how many more issues are going to crop up if you continue adding annoyances in survival BUT don't fix it for creative mode users. Considering the hefty amount of other bugs and issues you refuse to acknowledge, someday they are going to pile and bite you in the rear.

rant: over.