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7 July, 2017 18:35:08

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My new idea will be the creation of weapons of melee and launch (knives of launch, tomahawk etc ...) customized, in which we can have a choice of blade (shape, length, materials) and handle (Shape and length) The nesecary tools would be a forge, an anvil and a level of 3 minimum, so we could design weapons clean for each (with a minimum of restriction in the number of different shapes for the handles and blades ...) It would be possible to create weapons such as swords, double-bladed axes, penknives, katana, tomahawk, harpoon and launch knife or a kind of 3-blade diablerie (a weapon that might be possible within the limit Of the reasonable) ... so, we could have more diversity in the creation of tools or weapons of body to body ... Then it will require a number of resources depending on the type of blade, handle or other accessory ... I hope this idea will please you, if I post this idea, it is because I find that We do not really have a great variety of weapons from body to body ...  I also had the ideas of crafts for the forge and the anvil:

Workshop ( used to make the handle )
Nothing = X
Wood = w
crafting table = C


Forge ( used to make the blade )
Nothing = X
metal ingot = m
Furnace = f
cobblestone = c


anvil :
Nothing = X
metal ingot = m
metal block = b


yes theses things are expensive but a custom weapon would make you happy 
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