3 July, 2017 04:37:00

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So I am not a huge creative guy, but I think this idea has a ton of potential for all modes of play.  One of the biggest drawbacks with current structures is that you build your house and go to paint the walls, but unless you make the building really big and clunky with walls 2 blocks thick you cannot make the different rooms of your house have different paint schemes like you might find in the real world.  I may have white walls for my kitchen, but the living room is a pale yellow, while the exterior of the house is brick.....

I propose two different ways to solve this... the first is to make a vertical version of the half block slabs that exist in the game.... this way you could have your one block wide walls with different colors or textures on either side.  The second option would be to make it so that paint only covered one side of a block instead of the whole thing.  

The first idea might also nrequire the addition of inside corner pieces.... basically stairs turned on their sides.....  I realize using half blocks in this way could create problems for things like light switches or other wall mounted items, but I think work around could be found for those things.