29 June, 2017 17:55:57

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The button mapping on a PS4 Controller is wrong:

'Share' is Break Block button,
'L1' is Body/Food screen,
'L2' nothing apparent,
'R2' is Sneak,
'R1' nothing apparent,
'Triange' is Handcrafting screen,
'Circle' nothing apparent,
'X' is Drop item,
'Square' is Jump,
'Right Stick Push' is Gamepad Controls,
'Left Stick Push' is Game Statistics,
'D-pad Up' nothing apparent,
'D-pad Right' is Cycle right through hot keys, 'D-pad Down' is Change View,
'D-pad Left' is Cycle left through hotkeys,
'Left Stick' is Look,
'Right Stick' is move,
'Touchpad' nothing apparent,
'Touch pad Press' nothing.

I can't find any way to pick up an item from the Inventory either, seems 'Select' is missing too, and I haven't tested whether there is a mount button. There also seems to be no 'Back' button.

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