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Welcome to the lush and vibrant Cerralian Empire! Unlike Avornia, which used to be a colony of Cerralia, the vast Empire is lush with greenery and warmth. No freezing here!
Interestingly note about Avornia though, once the Norvian Royal Family was executed and sent packing to Cerralia, they created their own soverign Province!
Hereby the Provine of Avornia. Explore the many manors, and castles, influenced by Avornian architecture.**


Want to explore the grandaddy of it all? Instead take a nice tour of the Beauton Palace, a vast and beautiful marble incased palace in traditional Cerralian fashion, seat of power for the House Beauton, Royal Family of Cerralia. Right ontop of the great Palace use to lay another anicent Castle that was the home of the old rulers of the then Kingdom of Rhine. Destroyed by the Cerralians to showcase their power, they built ontop of the Castle, a great palace. **


Not up for the challenge, and scared of the guards? Why not go a bit mroe coastal, and a bit more east from the Palace, to the Province, and city OF Cerralia. Before the Empire of Cerralia, their lay fragmented Kingdoms and City-States. With the onslaught of war in the mainland a millenia ago, the seafarers of Cerralia took advantage, and conquered the mainland. **


Not feeling like wanting to get seasick? Why not instead go to lively city of Rhine, the largest city, and captial of the Cerralian Empire. Once occupied by the Kingdom of Rhine, it use to be one of the most powerful states of the Mainland, but during the Great War, it lay weak and wounded, and Cerralia, hungry for power, and wanting resources, took advantaged and soon overtook the once great kingdom, building not only their Palace ontop of the old Castle, but their city as well, ontop of the Old City of Rhine, where snippets can still be seen till this day.



Not feeling metropolitian and city like? Why not take a detour to the more rural areas, most notably that of the Farmland, where the City of Rhine gets their food. **


Hope you enjoy the Empire of Cerralia and the pictures that offer only but a fraction of what is found in the word. Expect more Palaces, Castles, Cities, and terrain modification in the future! 

Download Link which is the same that will be uploaded to the Community Center: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/2z48mjteejs94zv/CerraliaJune18.scworld?dl=0?dl=1
Link for the Avornian Kingdom by KyleVPirate: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/aoghqjw18h1l4au/AvorniaJune11.scworld?dl=0?dl=1 

For More info: https://kylevpirate.wordpress.com/ ~ A new post will soon be up that will look at a more indepth look on what changes occurred. Be sure to take a look if interested! 
https://kylevpirate.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/cerralian-empire-by-kylevpirate/ The promotional post for Cerralia.

** Please note that none of these locations are nowhere near completed. 


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  • Avornian Kingdom
  • Tarzan Jungle Adventure

  • + Many more!
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