10 June, 2017 22:49:54

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Hello! * Brighter Lights * I'd like for the light that shines out of the bulbs to be brighter. Now I know you can increase and decrease the light strength with the slider but you see my worlds are massive. My characters are eight blocks in height which means that by the time I build a ceiling the light just doesn't reach the ground :D I have used the furniture tool to create a five piece flat horizontal block and then placed a wicker lamp underneath but the floor ends up looking choppy even though it's lit. If the lights were brighter I could place one light in the center of the ceiling and it would illuminate my entire room :) ________________________________ *LED Colors * One more (please forgive me) Could you make the light that shines out of the LED bulbs actually illuminate that specific color? Blue bulb makes the room blue? Would be awesome!image