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Tool Crafter

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25 April, 2017 23:54:07

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You have one moth to make a cool, and adventurous parkour map.

Make sure the map has:
-Adventure theme of any kind
-Between 250 and 500 blocks long
-Indoors AND outdoors
-Piston work!! :-D

 The one Winner will get:
-Points on their thread builds
-2 Comments from me on each of their threads they may have of parkour
-Subscription to their youtube?

If you win, make sure to post:
-All your thread links you may have of your special builds
-Your youtube channel if you have one

Competition ends: May 25, 2017 8PM eastern time

Ready, set, go!

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Colin Hexr

Racial God
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#1 [url]

26 April, 2017 04:06:05

Do my old ones count? I mean, take a pick. If not, then oh well.

Player of the game for four years straight. Somehow an admin.

All of my maps -

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