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25 April, 2017 23:54:07

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You have one moth to make a cool, and adventurous parkour map.

Make sure the map has:
-Adventure theme of any kind
-Between 250 and 500 blocks long
-Indoors AND outdoors
-Piston work!! :-D

 The one Winner will get:
-Points on their thread builds
-2 Comments from me on each of their threads they may have of parkour
-Subscription to their youtube?

If you win, make sure to post:
-All your thread links you may have of your special builds
-Your youtube channel if you have one

Competition ends: May 25, 2017 8PM eastern time

Ready, set, go!

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Colin Hexr

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26 April, 2017 04:06:05

Do my old ones count? I mean, take a pick. If not, then oh well.

Player of the game for four years straight. Somehow an admin.

All of my maps -

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1 July, 2017 01:35:25

@survivalist what are the purpose for you to be an user in this forum. The rules here is that you stop your trolling and bad talk here. This forum is for SC only(and some daily lives issues), not the station where you can troll anybody.
This is an advice. Not a troll.

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