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20 April, 2017 13:14:06

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Can someone please help me, I've just bought this game on the Windows Store (Running Windows 10 Creators Update).
I can get in, create a world and run around - but it just exits randomly, the longest I have been able to play is 5 minutes, before getting kicked back to the Main Menu.

Are there any log files that I can look at, or has anyone else experienced this?

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21 April, 2017 15:41:08

Sorry to hear you're having problems. It seems there's nobody here with experience in the windows version.
Yes, there is a game log you can access through the game. From the main screen hit SETTINGS, then go to COMPAITBILITY. There's a button to VIEW GAME LOG there. That might tell you something. It will let you copy the log so it can be pasted into a document.
I would recommend doing that, then reinstall the game.

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23 May, 2017 13:19:49

Windows 10 Update

Hi there

I have followed up on this issue.  I have the same issue.  It is actually the latest Creators update from MS that is doing this.  I've spent hours with Ms on this and they do not acknowledge an issue.  They have said that they will look into it, whenever that might be.

Kaalus, the developer has also been notified about this.  I have tested it on four PC's of mine and all of them have the same issue.  For some reason Windows is not permitting SC to write to disk to save the game data and then the exits.  It is also why, if you want to quit, you cannot, because SC wants to finish writing to disk, but cannot.

The only sollution is to roll back to a previous system restore point or reinstall Windows and disabling updating.  In the mean time, hopefully MS will solve the issue (unlikely) or Kaalus will solve it with the new update coming.  Sorry that you are having such issues, as I am also.

Whatever the situation, the game will work at some pint in time.  Just hang in there.  This is the greatest game.

Johan Steyn

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23 May, 2017 16:40:23

Interesting. Glad to know this is a thing. I just updated to the latest windows. I just got the update though 2 days ago. It might act differently (maybe?).

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