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Colin Hexr

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28 March, 2017 12:49:17

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3/4/17 - As expected no one wanted to take part in this. So the list is currently 100% by me. It'll remain featured so new users can use it as a sampling of what the forum has to offer.

I'm just scrounging for things to do at this point, to 'improve' the forunm. This week, it's, well, this. A list of things for newcomers to enjoy. Considering the long lines of people queueing up to participate in my community projects, I'm going to fill this up myself. You can, however, suggest and even nominate your stuff to be put up. There is no limit as to how many items are on each category. Without further ado, let's begin.

(I had to do this twice now because Lefora allows you to click on links on your post and doesn't even save your post. So, whoopee)

Final note: A few items listed are mine. (HexLands and parkour maps). If you object to these being part of the list, simply raise your hand and call me out with good reasons in the reply sections. I've only added them because they're pretty good IMO.

All of mgblitz's stuff. He's that good. There's a metric $%@% ton of minigames you can play. There's even a tutorial for electric stuff. Scroll through the page.

Creative Builds:
Vraeston City -
A hacked world where there is no ground. May be useful -
Elswyr -
Evamor -
Hexlands -

Adventure Maps:
Humex Inc.:

My Maps - (I know, I know. Self-advertising. But there's a lot of parkour there, so.)
40 Diamonds :
The Desert:

Community Builds:
Rivertown -
Phoeonix Federation (formerly Biome Wars) - (once they're finished, but you can still join them) -

Furnitures -
Surviving -
Electrics -
Same link as above, but mgblitz is our best electrics guy, and there's a section in the post with many links for tutorials. Use that.

Invisible furnitures. I just thought it was fascinating. -

Survival Mode:
Nkiruka Island –

My channel! JK. But Bard has some nice videos -
And Armax has some animations -

And that concludes this page, I suppose. Maybe this helps the forum look less like an absolute goshdarn mess. Remember to suggest posts, pages, and other stuff. They don't have to be worlds only. They could be fascinating posts, texctures, furnitures, and so on. Anything, ANYTHING, on the forum that fascinates you, suggest below. This list is currently centric on my memory, which isn't very much the community project spirit.

Just suggest. Anytime. Preferably ASAP. But make sure your post is convincing and real. Don't throw random garbage my way.


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#2 [url]

22 May, 2017 15:25:40

FYI, Biome Wars has been renamed to The Phoenix Federation
And the Mayfield world is quite active too.

(It took me 6 tried before stupid lefora didn't erase (refresh) everything I typed!)

Not sure if you'd want to highlight the specific furniture packs I've made for people or the real 16 bit calculator

And, stay tuned to the electrics board. I may soon have a MAJOR announcement ...

"[The future] is a place about 70 miles east of here - where it's lighter." - Laurie Anderson


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Colin Hexr

Racial God
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Posts: 2,454 Member Since: 6 October, 2013

#3 [url]

24 May, 2017 11:21:47

@stan Done

Player of the game for four years straight. Somehow an admin.

All of my maps -

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