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22 February, 2017 16:47:48

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Ok I planned to raise dispenser out of the ground when a switch is hit.

I later wanted to add an auto fire mechanism.

My problem the piston can lift dirt but as soon as my 2 dispensers are above it or anywhere on a block above it it won't lift them anymore.

Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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22 February, 2017 23:35:22

Pistons can't move chests, furnaces, or pistons. It's because they have data specific to their location in the world's xml.

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Colin Hexr

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23 February, 2017 11:11:50

@crayder Yeah, that's an awful game mechanic. I don't know why Kaalus just can' change that. It's such a small issue but he usually ignores all the small issues. I realised this when I tried to use pistons to pull dispensers as a sort of trap. Was really disappointed when they didn't react.

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