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21 February, 2017 01:39:08

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Is there a texture pack that makes all of the painted blocks look like their plain originals? I love the default Survivalcraft pack, and I don't really like using paint to decorate my buildings. 

Some people make interesting adventure maps that are within structures made of multi-colored blocks. These maps make me incredibly sick! Gah, my head just aches thinking about the rainbows all over the place. In such adventure maps it is virtually impossible to play the game. Some of these maps are really nice too, but the walls are painful. Please, someone, make a texture pack that has all the painted blocks look like their original unpainted version. Keep all the blocks looking the exact same as the default Survivalcraft pack, but get rid of the sickening colors.

If someone could do that and post the link on this thread, or post the link of an already existing pack like that, I would be very, very grateful.
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Colin Hexr

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22 February, 2017 08:06:58

From experience, this is impossible. Each 'painted' block uses a texture that is grey in colour. You can adjust the hues (i.e,, adjust the brightness of the grey to change the brightness of the painted block), but they apply colour over the grey texture automatically. Kaalus is talking about a new feature about adjusting colours tho, so maybe you can use that.

I agree, maps are usually horrible. Multi coloured nonsense and all that crap.

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25 February, 2017 01:42:18

Kaalus' next update should help by changing the color palette. I'd like that right now. Get rid of the psycho colors and put earth tones in...

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