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Aesop Redux

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29 December, 2016 19:42:21

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Everyone please welcome back our former staff colleague, Cursedth!

For those that don't know him, Cursedth is a long time member of this forum, having joined in Feb 2013. Cursedth has always been passionate about the forum (and Survivalcraft). Awhile ago life circumstances led Cursedth to take a leave of absence, when he felt he could no longer properly fulfill his duties as an Administrator.

On a personal note, Cursedth is the guy that recruited me, and knows more about the ropes here than I ever will. However, since it's been awhile Cursedth requested he be reinstated as a Moderator. That's understandable and appropriate, and I respect that.

We're glad to have you back Cursedth. Welcome home!

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