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6 December, 2016 17:04:04

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Hello. I'm Sighmoon, administrator of public page of SurvivalCraft for russian community (so i can do some grammar mistake, sorry ;) )
Here a link: 

I started build event few days ago in russian community. I hope you want to join us to ;)
(If you are Kaalus, pls close this topic :D )

I hope, you will take part in it.

P.S. I made the special map for furniture feature. It contains 9 box with 4 cells 16*16 for 3D furniture, 4 stone wall cells and 4 clay wall cells for painting.
You can use this map for creating *deleted*


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#2 [url]

8 December, 2016 23:28:43

Sighmoon, I apologize for our lack of response. This forum has been very slow. Almost nobody comes here, now. Maybe the new update will bring more people. People here have been very depressed because Kaalus was quiet too long. Please don't be sad. ;-)

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