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21 April, 2016 03:48:04

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Hey guys, check this out...

It's a tunnel filled with 3,200 LEDs. There are 64 memory banks attached to one end that make up the circumference of the tunnel. These memory banks send a signal down the tunnel via adjustable delay gates set to a .01 delay. The effect is pretty amazing.

This is also the first time that I have been able to single out each LED in the display to react independently of every other LED, thanks to the fact that adjustable delay gates do not stack time when placed in sequence like the old delay gate. Essentially, it makes for super smooth animation as seen in the video.

Advanced warning... You might get dizzy or have a seizure of you are prone to those types of things. Watch the video at your own risk!! Hehe.

For a complete list of all my electric projects, videogames, and tutorials click on this link:

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Colin Hexr

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23 April, 2016 06:36:45

Flawless, you've outdone yourself again. I like how instead kf being lazy and activating all four on the led you got specific and only lit up one of them to really fine tune the transitions.

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30 April, 2016 19:15:59

My head hurts

Awesome! Couldn't watch the whole thing becuase my head is spinning, plus it's eleven minutes long, but I really liked it!

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