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Colin Hexr

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26 March, 2016 04:21:42

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As requested by: FredHats

What do you keep your eyes peeled for when you are browsing trough the world lists? Do you look for a specific kind of map? This poll will be useful to see what kind of demand there is on SC.

Your choice of map: (Result)

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#2 [url]

10 June, 2016 08:35:44

I was upset I could only pick one because I hunt for nice texture backs and cool worlds pretty equally. I want to see how other texture packs measure up to the one I use, and then I look at people's buildings, cities and whatnot to see how my work and theirs compare, and also I love to see something new and different. That's what I do. I like to see new creative things. I feel like there really is too much electrical, and quests. I mean I scroll through and there are at least three of those or more for every different one out there it seems.

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The Growl


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#3 [url]

13 December, 2016 19:57:46

I often am strapped for textures, I only use Soartex Fanver 1.29, it's the only one that provides a smooth consistent texture, but many things about it i dislike.

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#4 [url]

12 June, 2017 23:17:20

I definitely look for cool worlds and builds. Especially if they involve Empires, Kingdoms, Cities, etc. There have been some recent awesome Kingdom builds which I'm very happy to see. For Texture packs, Nature Realism is IT for me, but I also look for cool furniture!

  • Cerralia Empire
  • Avornian Kingdom
  • Tarzan Jungle Adventure

  • + Many more!
  • For more info, @KyleVPirate WordPress

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