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Colin Hexr

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26 March, 2016 04:21:42

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As requested by: FredHats

What do you keep your eyes peeled for when you are browsing trough the world lists? Do you look for a specific kind of map? This poll will be useful to see what kind of demand there is on SC.

Your choice of map: (Result)

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#2 [url]

10 June, 2016 08:35:44

I was upset I could only pick one because I hunt for nice texture backs and cool worlds pretty equally. I want to see how other texture packs measure up to the one I use, and then I look at people's buildings, cities and whatnot to see how my work and theirs compare, and also I love to see something new and different. That's what I do. I like to see new creative things. I feel like there really is too much electrical, and quests. I mean I scroll through and there are at least three of those or more for every different one out there it seems.

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The Growl


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#3 [url]

13 December, 2016 19:57:46

I often am strapped for textures, I only use Soartex Fanver 1.29, it's the only one that provides a smooth consistent texture, but many things about it i dislike.

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