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Colin Hexr

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18 March, 2016 12:49:07

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It's me again. On the video forum. I'm one of the few people who figured out a way to record SC and decided to take it to the forums, so I had a lot of threads on here. Don't wanna hog the oage so I deleted my old threads that I don't need. Anyway.

I'm making a huge world full of interesting builds with my own style in it, and I'm documenting some of the bigger things I build and uploading it on YouTube. A couple weeks ago I put up a thread on Housing but decided to delete that and make a thread that covers more of what I do. Currently, I have made a diagonal bank, a massige castle, and a 12 story tall apartment block that hits world height. I will be releasing the map to the public as soon as I hit my goal of 100mb. The world right now is at 19mb. Working on it as and when I can. And yeah, video.

Here's a sample of what I do-

Here's the full playlist(still updating)-][/url]

Thanks for reading.

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