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22 July, 2014 20:32:43

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HI Macongula here and i wanted to make a contest on statues, the only rules are no texture packs and that it must bring tears of joy to my eyes, well maybe not. But never the less, if we get enough people participating in this contest voting will be enabled. to join simply say so, the deadline is the fiirst of september, if there are not enough participants i will choose the more appealing statue. Oh my bad, the statues cannot be anything inapropriate, nor can it be a BUILDING. It can be mounted on a building however, but wont add points to the statue, unless of course yall vote. one more thing, my phone is resting in the far beyond, so i ask instead of putting a link to your world for dropbox to just post a picture or a link for the picture. sorry for the inconvineice.

and what is the reward you might ask? well to the winner i will reveal the very meaning of life. as well as my first born son. and a box of chocolates.

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