23 March, 2014 14:07:57

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Hello fellow Crafters,

We have created a new section for all and only electric related Survivalcraft builds, designs, circuits and off course all your Electric related Questions.
We are hoping that this will make it easier searching the forum if you have problems with electrics or are looking for a nice electrical design to use in your map.

We'll be moving nearly all Electric related builds and Q&A-s to this section. (will probably take us a while)

In the mean time you can already post here as long as it is not a Bug Report.
Electric related Bug Report still go in the Bug Reports section as normal.

If you want to upload a world-file that is using the sound-generator and are confused where it belongs, either here or in the music section, follow this rule:
-If it is about a song you have written, it goes into the music section.
-If it is about a circuit using a Sound-generator and not so much about what it plays, it belongs here.
-Also any questions related to the Sound-generator are supposed to be posted here.
-If it is a Request for new electrics or changes to, it goes in the Feature Request as normal.

We are also hoping that people with a decent understanding of electrics are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of the forum to make the electrics accessible for everybody. :)

With Regards,
Forum Staff.

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