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6 September, 2013 21:30:13

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UPDATED 6/02: Builder Showcases!... Rivertown: build your homestead or fortress in our wilderness neighborhood. If it's cool and/or dangerous you may find yourself featured in our Rivertown "let's play" videos.

Darksider - World's Edge
World Files (these have more updated versions of the Arena than what is in the official build):

Dantheman - Archery Range, Enterprise
 - USS Enterprise (inside training course by @Hexr, bridge by @Aesopredux)

More to come!

List of Builds
@Xotoxi had a great idea - we're going to place "leaf" copies of the world file, showcasing a particular builder's creation. This helps deal with disappearing animals, which happens a lot with community building.

    Bahamamama - Werewolf Dynasty
    Riptide16 - The Bunker
    Hexr - Hexr's Lair, Small House, Builder's Garden, Parkour Tree Fort
    Calum - The Sweet Spot Castle
    Darksider - Worlds Edge, Builder's Hall
    Cyrus - Riverside Temple
    Bloodhound39 - swag house
    Xotoxi - Alabacalala palace 
    Hyperstorm - Evil Fortress
    Rockstar5166 & his Russian Crew - Coniferous forest, a massive city (too far away to confirm name right now)
    Dantheman - Airship, Archery Range

    Did I leave anyone out? PM me!

Rivertown Frozen
R Town remains frozen to new builders. The file is too large for many to devices to navigate. Current builders are wrapping up, in preparation for release of Rivertown 1.0 as a showcase world....For those with less-powerful devices, you can see builds on my video channel -

If you wish to join a community build, please check out Lakeland, by Xotoxi!
1 Keep it clean
2 EXPLICITLY POST "CHECKING OUT" when you check out
3 RESPECT other's builds - DO NOT ALTER ANOTHER'S BUILD, except the Visitor Totems of course
4 Connect your homestead to the main river/lake, no matter how far away it is (add a road, branch the river, something).
5 Post "Checking IN" with the filename updated by 1 (if you checkout Rivertown20.scworld, name your dropbox file Rivertown21.scworld)
6 Suggestion: When you are ready to checkin, save your world at the Builder's Hall, so new members can get their bearings. Post to this topic your tips on how to find your spot.

To Join:
- request to be added to the list
- @AesopRedux will confirm you are on the list

To checkout:
- checkouts are for 24 hours (sometimes 48 for big builds)
- there is a waiting list of builders usually (scroll back to see if there is currently a list, and now long it is)
- Once someone checks in, and you are the next one on the list, you have 10 hours window to confirm you are checking it out
- EXPLICITLY POST "CHECKING OUT" when you check out
- your time starts from the time your 10 hour window started. That is, if you wait 9 hours to post and check out, you now have 15 hours to build and check in.
- DO NOT edit other's builds during your checkout. No matter how great your ideas are. PM them.

If you feel you cannot live with these rules, please check out the other community builder worlds. We've found through trial and error that these rules work and keep it fun.

Pics Gallery: feel free to post a link to your own Rivertown gallery!

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Aesop Redux

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#1 [url]

6 September, 2013 22:00:58

     Post here that you are checkin' out the file
    Get the file from the latest link on the page  BTW Dropbox will let you save it directly to your own Dropbox, no messing with links!
    Make sure you're in Creative Mode.
    Hopefully the last builder saved the world at the "Welcome To Rivertown" wall with guidelines. It's in the Bayou FYI
    Pick an area - go downriver thru the Bayou towards the ocean, or upriver towards the frontier and lake
    find a spot to build!
    There's "ready" spots with a dock, first come first serve. Or pick your own spot and build your own dock
    Try to pick a spot not too close to neighbors - less disputes and feudin that way ;)
    docks - if there's no sign with a player's name on it, it's available.
    Build your ranch, castle, whatever you like
    Come back to the Builders Hall
    Add a sign with your name + your ranch name
    Save the game
    Rename your world +1. If you check out rivertown5, rename it to rivertown6
    Upload it to your Dropbox
    post "checkin' in" with the link ​

More fun things to do:
 - Check out other folks' homesteads
- there are some awesome builders here that shame my humble pig farm!
- Pick your favorite animal and become a rancher!
- Visitor Totems - create a "totem pole" on your dock, like a guest book.  Stick a block with your name on it. Builders can visit other builder's sites, stick a block with their name on top to show they checked out the place.
- Easter Egg - find the tribute to the (original) Planet Of The Apes movie. It just seemed to fit the meme. Fans of the movie know which end of the river to go to to find the Forbidden Zone. If you need another hint, go into my ranch house (in the Bayou).
- Take a boat ride at night along the river and across the lake. It's a daaark!! Gliding through the trees and dark open spaces looking for the light of the next homestead to to head toward is kind of freaky. Don't get knocked out the boat by low hanging branches!
- Become a biodome engineer! Beef up the swamp, the size of the lake, add a mountain for your fortress of solitude - help sculpt the community!

Builders - join the Rivertown community and you might see your house on my video channel!
Sign up for updates on the world or the videos at:
Different ways to follow Rivertown off the forum:

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Aesop Redux

Country President

Posts: 1,804 Member Since:20 May, 2013

#2 [url]

20 September, 2013 22:07:59

Rivertown 2 world checked in. Please someone check out and build something! Even if just a hut! I have to know there's at least one other living soul in the world!!! It's so lonely without multiplayer! :)

I added a castle, not quite done - I have no idea what to do with the interior, I hate that part. It's based on a real one in Scotland, Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. It has a secret escape tunnel in the catacombs - the SC one. Dunno about the real one.