5 September, 2013 19:00:18

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Hello everybody,

These following rules apply to any post or thread made inside the Community Builds section of the forum. We all assume that you have read and aknowledged these rules since the moment you posted your first post in this section.

  • In a community build, the "Founder Members", create the rules. They have complete authority on the community build, who can join, etc..
  • When planning about creating a new community build, first take a look at other ones that are already active, and think wether it's better to join them or make a new one. Too many community builds creates inactivity because the players become spreaded over too many worlds.

These rules are a specific extension of the General Forum Rules; be sure you have also read them.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact the forum staff via Private Message, or via e-mail at scforumstaff at gmail dot com.

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