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Hello everybody,The following rules are applying to all users and staff members alike. We all assume you have read and acknowledged the following rules the moment you have published your first post, and therefore are fully responsible of any infringement against them.
  • No Spamming: Your post should be relevant to the subject at hand and it should add something to the thread. Duplicate posts/threads, creating a thread for something that already has a thread about it and out of topic discussions are considered as spam. Repeated spam will lead to a removal or a ban of the account.
  • Be Respectful of Others:  Even though this is all centered around a video game, it is still very much a part of business as many folks here will be or already are customers of Kaalus. You can have fun but show proper respect to Kaalus by treating his customers and fans well. Any insult, aggressive behavior, racism/intolerance, or trolling will be considered an infringement to this rule, and therefore implicate an immediate reaction from the forum staff. Disrespect on the forum will immediately lead to a removal or ban of the account.
  • No Flaming: You might not be OK with a decision, but it's not a reason to go full rage on the forum. Try to discuss politely the matter, and leave judgement and admonishments to the forum staff. Keep in mind that flaming is a lack of respect to the other users as well.
  • No Swearing: Young children do use this forum. If you feel that strongly about an issue, try to find a more creative and descriptive way to express yourself than resorting to foul language. Posts containing foul language will be deleted without warning.
  • English Only in the Forum: While we certainly respect cultural differences, we ask that you type only English in the forum to make it understandable for the majority of our users and staff.
  • Appropriate Topic Titles: When creating a new topic, we expect it to have an appropriate title, which means that it should represent what the topic is about, and it mustn't contain profanities. In addition, topics with names like "please read" or "urgent!!!!!" are forbidden. Topics that go against this rule will simply be renamed or ignored.
  • Make your Posts in the Appropriate Area: The forum is divided in different categories to organize it and make it easily browsable. We request that you post your ideas in the proper area, be it a post in a thread or a new thread in a certain category. Posts and topics against this rule will be moved or removed.
  • Piracy is Forbidden: Piracy is strictly forbidden on the Survivalcraft Forum. Kaalus and other programmers work hard to give us good experience and earn their food, so any account that asks for piracy links or publishes piracy links will be immediately suspended without warning.
  • Sensibility-Hurting Content is Forbidden: Remember that a significant part of the Survivalcraft Community are young people. Therefore, any content that might be hurting their sensibility, as crude violence and blood, pornography or anything related to that will immediately by deleted without warning.
  • Do Not Ask for Staff Positions: If we think that you could be a good staff member, we'll contact you. Being part of the forum crew is absolutely not a goal in itself. A great way to not be part of the staff is to ask it.
*Please note that We reserve the right to remove links from the forums when we believe that the link(s) are, but not limited to:
-Too Gory
-Encouraging breaking of the forums rules, or real-life laws
-Breaking forum rules, or real life laws

This list is subject to change at any time, and could be changed in the future."

Basically, just try to keep this all light-hearted, friendly and professional.
If you have an issue with someone else, please try to resolve it via Private Messages. If you are unable to resolve the matter, please send a Private Message to a staff member who will listen to you and help out.
Please do not get involved in an argument on the forum, regardless of who "started" it. Again, contact the forum staff for regulation.

The previous rules are the General Rules. Please refer to the Specific Rules for each section located inside the concerned forum section for further details.
The Specific Rules are in no way less important than the General Rules. You are also bound to them and their infringement punishments since the moment you post in the concerned section.For the Forum Staff Contact and Support, please refer to this thread.If you have any question, contact any staff member via PM, or via e-mail at scforumstaff at gmail dot com.

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