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Colin Hexr

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28 October, 2013 08:52:25

Can you update for the 1.23 electrics please??? I am stuck on the new ones.

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30 October, 2013 00:26:46

I wish I could but my tablet that has SC is broken right now and unless I can get it fixed, I cannot experiment with the Gates yet.

Long time ago
In a galaxy far far away
I used the wrong font

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6 April, 2014 17:54:33

It took me a while to figure out why one light turns off and the other turns on. Its easy to remember how to make one but not so easy to understand it. I'm one of those people who learns why it works the way it does rather than learn how its built so i can copy it later

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6 April, 2014 22:41:16

'caused me to delete the world and create one called Stress Relief to release my anger. :P'

I hear ya bro &) my projects are doin that to me &/


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#25 [url]

4 December, 2014 15:14:28

Advanced use of memory chips and gates

I have created TV with proper animation using the memory chips as well as other logic components.  I have also written a VBA Macro that can be used in Excel to creat new videos.

The TV's resolution is 10x6 pixels.  It is a start and I do not think anybody has done this before and for sure not on Minecraft. Please rate it and tell me if this has helped anybody.  If you want the Macro let me know via this forum or the email found in the world.  The whole concept can be enlaged to get a better resolution.

There are a few other things as well.  Let me know if you like it.  Quite a bit was created in Challenging mode.  My two sons, Jonathan and Matthew (7&9) has also built a few things that I have left.

Movie house
Central Garden (underground)
Red roof House
Desert house
Big house inside a mountain (far up the coast from the castle - very nice sunset view)
Bridges (I think they look nice) as well as channels
Light house (with "rotating" light)
Waterfall and house in mountain
tunnel underneath small lake

Here is my world:
You can also find it as Johan Movie 5

Here is a video (bad quality):

Here are some photos:

Johan Steyn


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