6 May, 2013 06:11:05

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Rules of the Videos Section

1. Only About SurvivalCraft.To prevent the section from flooding with tons of videos, any videos posted there will have to be about SurvivalCraft. From explaining electrics, to doing a let's play, it all has to do with SC.

2. Link Your Videos Together!Don't make separate threads for every new video you have(this only applies to series, etc), just make a thread and post your videos there. This will help people locate your videos faster and comment their thoughts, along with allowing you to see them all in one place.

3. Be Respectful.Don't post explicit and mature things, since Kaalus's customers are also seeing these videos, and they can range from young kids to fully grown adults with families. So no foul language, racism and discrimination or anything that can personally attack a member.

4. Be DescriptiveIn order to give the rest of the forum members a good idea about what the video is about, make sure you add a solid description in your post and a link to the website contraining the video.

5. Do not post links to videos using the Minecraft textures. People watching the videos may get the wrong idea of the game, possibly accusing Survivalcraft of using Minecraft artwork.


The SC Forum Team