28 April, 2013 19:49:49

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Hey guys, seeing how some are confused about what this section is all about and its rules I decided to make thread clarify some stuff. First off:

What are Monthly Building Contests?

They are contests meant to display the best creations from all sorts of players, builders, etc overall. Anyone can participate in these contests, and they are judge in either ways(however cannot be restrained to these):

-By the judge(s) opinion(s)(this method involves a person or group to decide which creation(s) is the best from what was submitted, despite others opinions)

-By the community's opinions(this method allows other players to vote on which creation(s) were the best from the ones submitted into the contest)

Now what are the Rules?

Apart from any rules the contest has, these are just basic guidelines to make sure every contest is enjoyed well.

-Anyone can make one!
Anyone can make a building contest, just make sure you're active enough to see all entries!

-Don't ask to be chosen
Contests are suppose to challenge the community to have the best creation, it won't be a challenge if you ask to win, would it?

-Don't take another person's creation and call it yours!
The point for the contests is to enter a creation you have made and compete with others creations, it won't be fun if you take another person's creation and call it yours.

-Don't spam your creations!
Don't keep posting your creation over and over again in a contest, it won't help it in winning. It might just reduce your chances!

-Link your worlds(to make it easier for the judge(s))
It helps judges... "judge" faster and decide a winner! This could be done over dropbox, etc. I don't know much about this, but information will be provided in the future.

So far, these are the guidelines however are not limited to these and will be added to in the future.

- -V