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Hello everyone,

   I've created this because after some time of reading in the "feature requests", I've noticed that some of the ideas here don't exactly go with the rest of Survivalcraft (more specifically its theme). You see, some of the ideas here are abstract from the rest of SC's theme, which isn't usually good if you're trying to get your idea into the game. What I've made here is not a set of rules(last thing I want to do is limit your creativity!) but more a set of guidelines to help you think of a good idea(s). These guidelines are, of course optional(which means you don't have to follow them) but if you follow them you can boost the chances of your idea being put into the game! (Please note that by "good ideas" I mean ideas that go with SC's theme). They are pretty simple to follow, and the chances of your idea being put into the game could increase in result of following them, although I am not guaranteeing any results (basically just a prediction).

Basic things:
  • Keep it with the rest of SC
   Although I'm sure you have a wonderful idea to share with everyone else, you have to remember to make your idea match with the rest of SC. I mean, would you combine 2 different things(let's say water and burning oil) and expect something good to come out of it?(in rare cases.)
  • "Influenced", not exactly the same!
   You need to remember that although games like "Minecraft" are great and have good in-game elements in them, they're just role models for this game. That means that the idea should not be something exactly from that other game(ex. zombies, etc) but should be a more "inspired by" sort of suggestion. Subjects that match with SC's theme(like hunger for example) are not considered to be the same as other games, due to the fact that they match with the theme(ex. hunger is part of survival themes, it makes sense to add it!)
  • Explain it to us!
   Part of trying to get your idea accepted into SC is that it has to be understandable. Don't be afraid to give some information about your idea(s), ask yourself questions like, "How does it work?" or, "How does this fit in with SC?" or even, "Why would it be beneficial to add this idea to the game?" Point is that if you describe it, people will be able to understand it more, which could lead to more support for your idea on the forums.
  • Restrain yourself from magical thoughts!(for SC's current theme)
    Although imagination is part of coming up with a idea(s), it's important to make sure you keep it realistic, due to the fact that realism is in SC's current theme. I know that when you can't explain something, magic seems to be the easy way out for such things however it needs to match with the rest of SC! I'm sure that if you search good enough, you'll find something that can fill in for the let's say the excitement of dragon slaying, etc.

A good format for when presenting your idea(s):



-2-4 reasons why to add

-(optional) Conclusion

   Again these are guidelines that are aimed to help your ideas, but exact results are not guaranteed. If you believe this has not helped you in any way, please feel free to contact me(pm) with information why you didn't find this helpful, or what you don't understand and I will respond as soon as I'm able to.

- -V

-PS Something we(mods) want to clarify at this point(don't take it to heart.), we don't want to be like MINECRAFT, so please stop suggesting ideas that are the same as it's popular features(ex. zombies, etc), thank you.

-PSS Another thing to clarify: although it may seem like it, moderators do not exactly have a direct connection to Kaalus, so don't message us your feature ideas believing that it will increase the chances of it being accepted, etc.

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