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Last Indexed: 14 February, 2017 04:35:45
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Help with electronics

Hello experts, i need a little help here. I have a two stage piston thing going on. The first set of pistons pull out some blocks from a wall and the second set of pistons pulls up a few of those blocks. What I need is for when the...

Author: Austin397 Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
12 July, 2017 00:42:26

Full 16 bit adder

After seeing the attempt at a 'calculator' that are on the CC, I decided it was time to make a basic calculator world. It just does addition and subtraction but multiplication is just repeated additions. This uses the full adder shown in...

Author: Stanimus Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
2 May, 2017 15:07:30

Piston Lifts

Pistons make it insanely simple to make a full function elevator. One where you select the floor you want, step in and tap a 'go' button. I'm building an example/tutorial world and will add an article describing the design on the wiki....

Author: Stanimus Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
15 December, 2016 21:21:00

Has anyone got a link to the original electrics demo world?

Remember way back in 1.23 there was a good electrical demo showing every basic circuit. With every component. Laid out like a park. Is that still available? have installed to a new device and really miss that world. Has anybody got a...

Author: Mulac Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
4 June, 2016 11:45:44

Possible 4-bit computer

I am currently working on a 4-bit computer. The desired specs are: * 4-bit opcode for a max of 4^2=16 functions * 4-bit operands * support add and subtract * 12 bits of RAM

Author: Bobtron10 Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
23 February, 2016 04:04:08

Modular Compact PIN lock

          Please allow me to introduce this design for a compact digital code lock. It is modular and is easily chained. So you can have as many digits as you wish to build. The entire design only needs 3 blocks high, 10 blocks deep and...

Author: Stanimus Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
28 October, 2014 03:27:37


This is a digital display door lock that i made earlier today. Its great for making an adventure map or for storing diamonds etc. tell me what you think. here is the link:

Author: survivaldude Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
2 April, 2014 23:11:06

Electrical question - Thanks for your time!

Ok, so I am working on a pressure plate triggered trapdoor. from one direction the "bridge" of trapdoors opens via pressure plate allowing me to raise the bridge with a casual approach. On the other side it is triggered with a button to...

Author: Zafoquat Sub-Forum: Survivalcraft Electrics
16 January, 2014 03:14:59