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31 July, 2017 01:03:12

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Now that the survival mode update is complete, it's time for a creative mode update. Please give us cracked stone, chiseled stone, and mossy stone. Do not tell me to make my own. Do not tell me it's too much like Minecraft. I have a lot of plans for blocks like these.
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Colin Hexr

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31 July, 2017 01:13:01

It is too much like Minecfaft w/o any real reason to implement them. We added dispensers cos it qas necessary. These? They're decorative. We can try other deco blocks, or texture packs, or furniture.

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31 July, 2017 02:49:44

I totally agree with the notion of needing more block textures but not necessarily the specifics. Cracked, chiseled and mossy are clearly MC ideas. Block Story has other yet similar alternate textures.
One thing I recently realized is that the textures for the painted blocks is NOT the same as the original textures. This gives us another full set of block textures - sort of.

The real problem with this idea is that the total number block textures is quickly getting close to the limit. There simply is not enough free space in the texture file for 3 new versions of each block AND to leave space for additional new blocks or items. There is an absolute maximum of 256 different textures and a number of these are used for water and magma. If the rest are taken up by variations of existing textures then we can no longer have ANY new block or item. That's a consequence I doubt anyone would accept.

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