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16 July, 2017 03:22:12

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So I'm building a medieval city and I have a lot built in a certain area. I can no longer work in this area because my phone derps out and takes me back to my phone's home screen. Basically it's like this:
>Start in one area
>Can play for a couple minutes at most
>Doesn't matter what I build, the game closes out and I lose that progress
>Try again and end up in same spot I started at no matter how much I accomplished.

I've had better luck building on an island away from my town but I really need to finish the city itself and I'm unable. I don't think it's a storage issue because my phone has enough storage.
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Aesop Redux

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16 July, 2017 14:09:11

Sounds like a device performance issue. I have seen what you describe when approaching massive builds. Try going into Settings and turn Visibility Range way down. Turn it back up temporarily if you want to take screenshots, but don't try to move and build much. Try other settings too. Good luck!

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