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3 July, 2017 04:56:36

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A survivor is a hunter and a gatherer.... particularly with the advent of rotting food..... I am a big fan of pumpkins and eggs, the food that nature provides easily.  With that being said I think if I were stuck all alone in the wilderness I would be looking for fruit trees and berry bushes.  If the game were to add berry bushes they could come with pickers that provided minor damage (or at least the risk of damage) and would be a favorite of bears.  If we had fruit trees --- maybe a couple of types depending on climate (I am thinking apples and bananas off the top of my head) it would force a player to choose between harvesting food or harvesting wood for construction purposes.  Just like pumpkins can be turned into seeds to plant, berries and fruit seeds could be harvested for future crops, but I think the growth of both berry bushes and fruit trees should be slow, probably at least 2 weeks, since they would be long term food sources.  

These additions would bring a great authenticity to being stranded in the wilderness, after all the first instinct wouldnt be let me build a knife to go kill things, it would be look at these plants I can forage quickly to put some food in my belly.
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16 July, 2017 11:24:52


Repost this idea in the ODT farming, or biomes thread. Other than that, the idea of being able to forage for food more reliably would definitely be a plus.

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