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#241 [url]

14 March, 2017 17:23:19

Ooh! I just thought... Burrow blocks could spawn other animals than gophers occasionally. While they spawn actual gophers usually, you may get a badger on unlucky days. Badgers are aggressive, and they will attack you. If you injure them enough, they will run back to their burrow just like gophers, but they are aggressive until then. Badgers would be the same size as gophers (one block), but black and white instead of all brown.

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#242 [url]

23 March, 2017 05:19:38

The Ideas by my fellow Survivors were very good.

Most of the ideas are actually benificial for the game development and popularity...
Most of them are not possible atm... 
also by changing droppings by animals, the devs would be changing the whole game strategy... which would ofc be disliked by many people...which is not a good thing for the game...
This is a  sincere request from the thousands of survivors... the dev should not stop after introducing the long-waited Elephants. There should be a hope for more pet animals as well as domestic animals...
wild animals are fine...
what i think is the hitpoints of all the animals / npcs(if in future) ...should be random... It should not be fixed like 4 hits with a iron sword for lion... instead doing like a lion can survive 4 hits, the other can survive 5 or 3. this can make the game more unpredictable and REAL... thus intense.. :P ...

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#243 [url]

7 July, 2017 22:22:40

Animals suggestions

More aquatic life like :
-great White shark
-lion fish ( with poison )
-exotics fish
-headhammer shark
-giant calmar
-whale shark
-crocodile / aligator
-Electric eel

more birds like :

Snakes like :

animals like :
-komodo dragon
-bighorn sheeps
-crocodile / aligator

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