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12 December, 2014 02:28:12

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So, my little sister plays this game. I don't completely understand it because I've never played, although it looks like you guys have a lot of fun with it, and that's great, but what I DO understand is that my little sister should at no point read the words "Orphan Rape Roleplay" in a happy fun Minecraft port. Apperently, buried beneath the uploaded "Worlds", are Worlds that exist entirely to provide an extremely slow and inefficient chatroom for disturbing sexual roleplay using the Sign function (Not sure what it's actually called, but you guys know what I'm talking about) involving rape, slavery, incest, abduction, torture and god knows what the hell else. Now I hate the complaints that start with "As A Mother..." as mch as anyone, but this isn't even close to being the same thing. I'm not being prudish and freaking out over some furry roleplay board or what have you, I'm upset that my little sister had to see houses used as bulletin boards for roleplaying about minors being sexually assaulted while expecting a challenge to build a raft before the pirate ship sinks or something else fun and inncocent. You guys need to step up your goddamn moderation.

Peace out
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15 December, 2014 04:07:53

I wondered how long it would take for someone to post a complaint regarding this here. I made some posts about it on my Survivalcraft blog and was planning to get a group effort going to ban these worlds. What's sickening is that moderation should not be needed with this rating system. There's am option to rate these worlds 1 star. There's an option to report it as inappropriate. HELLO! And yet a majority of the hundreds of thousands of people who downloaded it rated it 5 stars. And didn't report it. This is messed up! This has opened my eyes to humanity...

But really, it ruined my day when I first came across those bloody worlds!

Right now the best thing we can do us email Kaalus, the developer. And include the world name in the email. It's not fair to the rest of the Survivalcraft community that Kaalus would have to spend so much time moderating this stuff, time that could be spent working on the game. But something has to be done.

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15 December, 2014 08:48:06


I also saw this type of worlds on the community content. I like community builds best (like rivertown by Aesop Redux etc) but NOT THESE WORLDS!!! The sign block 'teaming' up with worlds and community content making Survivalcraft a place to make these bulletin boards. The reason? Because there are NO multi-player mode currently in Survivalcraft.

I LOVE Survivalcraft, Elevators, Roads, Signs, and more.

"I'm the future" - Athena from Tomorrowland (2015)  

"Yes, we saw the ban, we warn the Survivalcrafters who played in roleplay worlds. But you are still playing those worlds, full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to be poor." -David Nix from Tomorrowland (2015) with edits

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16 December, 2014 00:00:19

Questionable Content is my favorite webcomic.

We have to believe in our free will. We have no choice in the matter.

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27 January, 2015 06:26:44


first of all, I'm sorry about that necropost; but, I am surprised forum staff didn't officially answer to this; must have slipt through our watch. I've seen it now "thanks" to this thread's tags, especially "adult content".

Here on the Forums we strictly condemn this kind of really innapropriate content, both in videos, worlds, pictures or text. However, we are in no way related to the in-game community content. It's an independent structure managed by Kaalus who obviously can't go through moderating all the shared worlds.
The fact that this in-game community content system goes close to unmoderated is a serious flaw that has to be solved.

Thus, we sincerely apologize about what happened, but we can't do anything directly.
If these kind of incidents multiply considerably, I'll contact Kaalus to put up a solution to this, i.e. a way for us to moderate the community content.

Kind regards,
- Warpgamer

Warpgamer, retired admin

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28 January, 2015 19:27:34

You know this is illegal

If its illegal why don't you already start contacting that company and be proactive. If there's minors and sex role plays of minors and other disgusting content (worlds) then I'm sure Law Enforcement and even the FBI might force them to implement something. In the meantime you should contact the company Kaulus and get them to start something, if they don't agree there's always the legal way to get them to implement a content removal system based on reports. If nothing is done I suggest the community just submit a report about such content to law enforcement or even the FBI (although they handle major cases) after emailing Kaulus.

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28 January, 2015 20:08:24

I find it a bit disturbing that in reporting 'innapropriate content' and rightly so, the writer uses innapropriate and offensive language herself - and nobody has called her on it!
That notwithstanding, the use of CommCont as a message system is a HUGE problem and we really need some way to filter/search it effectively.

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